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There are a ton of companies that offer web hosting solutions to the masses. Large corporations spend tons of money for expensive hosting solutions that are ideal for large amounts of traffic. These companies often require large amounts of disk space on dedicated servers with lots of RAM.

There are others small business or individuals, on the other hand, that do not require enormous amounts of disk space. Individuals that are not looking for very large amounts of bandwidth or disk space are able to find cheap web hosting options. The web is filled with sites that have dedicated to helping people find the best cheap web hosting solutions. It's a thrill for people to find sites that can host their web pages at low costs.

More than 50% of the websites on the internet utilize cheap web hosting. This is evident because there are a lot more personal websites than there are businesses. Millions of peoples use cheap hosting providers to display fan pages or personal blogs. There are millions of users that take advantage of all the extras that are offered through many of the low cost hosting plans.

It's somewhat ironic, but services can be cheap and still have quality attached to them in the world of web hosting. The old saying of getting what you pay for may still hold true in concerns to disk space and memory, but there are still some quality cheap hosting sites available. 

One thing to consider is the hosting market. There are an abundant amount of cheap web hosting companies out there. Some have great customer service. Others may not. It is important to obtain a reputable hosting provider that has 24/7 customer service. The web designer or website owner also needs to consider the services that they need before signing up for service.

Cheap web hosting sites are popular because they are marketed much better than their expensive counterparts. The average web surfer, for example, doesn't have a clue about the names of expensive web host providers. The cheap web host companies are not widely known even for people that do not have websites online. Often their brand hasn't been marketed well, and many customers are satisfied with the quality of service. 

It helps when web hosts like this work diligently to erase the stigma that is associated with the word cheap. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but people that are new to web hosting may assume so. It is not until they visit some of the sites that offer cheap web hosting that they will realize how the process works. 

Cheap web hosting is typically the best path for those that have undetermined amounts of visitors for their site. It's often difficult for designers and developers to know how much bandwidth will be needed for a new site. The low cost solution is one that allows new clients to test the waters. New customers can choose short-term options to see if this actually meets their needs. They can upgrade to larger plans that give them access to more disk space or greater amounts of bandwidth as time progresses. 

Some of the cheap hosting solutions even provide templates for those that have no skills in web design. This is a quick start that allows individuals to build websites without any prior web design knowledge. The extra features provided by cheap hosting sites give customers two services for the price of one. They get a host for their website, and they also get free templates for development purposes. Free web builders are not found with all web hosts, but mostly all hosts give users some sort of beneficial add-on.

There are sites like that provide hosting services for many users. Companies like this do not stay in business without knowing how to provide quality hosting services, customer care, and cost-effective plans. This speaks volumes for all of the web developers that are looking for a place to upload their website. This type of customer base gives potential customers a certain level of trust. New customers can rest assured that companies like this are still providing quality service even though the service may be cheap. We have been using for several years now and could not be happier with the level of service and support we receive from them.

Cheap web hosting sites are plentiful. That is why they offer so many different deals. Some may offer “first month free” web hosting promotions plans for new customers. Others may provide a money back guarantee to lure clients. This is how most cheap providers entice customers.