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More often than not, economical domain hosting is associated with ads, poor quality, and unreliable services; however, HostOtter has successfully turned a bad image into a positive one by implementing full-featured hosting and cheap domain purchases without the unnecessary extras. So what features are available to those who choose to take advantage of HostOtter services?

Free DNS Hosting Service

HostOtter has become one of the leading domain registrars in the system, and there are few surprises as to why. The company’s free DNS hosting service is a leading reason why many choose to host their domains with the server. Compatible with CNAME, TXT, NS, MX, SRV, and A records, HostOtter makes it easy to set up DNS servers to point to almost any website or hosting platform with ease. Additionally, DNS service makes it possible to forward urls and emails with no added charges or unwanted ads. Subdomains are also supported and come free of charge.

Initial Domain Registration Costs

Purchasing a domain can get quite costly, particularly with providers that insist on charging monthly instead of a flat rate fee per year. HostOtter upstands the competition by offering .com domain hosting for as little as $11 per year. Still, it is entirely possible to register a domain for as low as $1.99 by choosing a .info web address. There are no hidden fees, and the annual cost does not change over time. Why pay hundreds of dollars to register a domain name when there are providers like HostOtter who offer cheap domain hosting without all of the run-around?

Free Extras with Every Domain Registration, a $211 value

Free DNS, Free Forwarding and Masking, Free Quick Blog, and Free personal email are just a few of the options that HostOtter gives you with every domain registration. That is a reason why many choose HostOtter for their cheap domain hosting. Email forwarding is particularly useful because it allows website owners to create a specified email address that internet users can contact them through without giving away private information, such as a personal email address. Each email sent to the personalized email address will be sent through an up to date spam filter, effectively limiting users from accessing that information. Spam is another common irritation that arises with emails, so the server makes it easy to change outbound emails at regular intervals. This feature successfully reduces the amount of incoming spam and allows website owners freedom of control.

Adding a Free Website Builder in Addition to Cheap Domain Hosting

HostOtter understands that not every website launches immediately. In fact, there is often quite a bit of planning that must be done and content to be written before a site can effectively launch. Another free feature offered by HostOtter is our free Website Builder software called Website Tonight. This software makes it easy to create the site and make it look professional before it even launches, as well as lets others who happen across it know when the site is expected to launch while the site’s owner is making preparations.

In addition to its primary domain hosting services, HostOtter is a continuous leader in the hosting market. The popularity of the provider has grown exponentially as many professionals and individuals transition their online presence to include HostOtter’s services.

Setting up cheap domain hosting on the web doesn’t have to be a headache, but it has a high potential to become one when dealing with domain providers with hidden fees, high up-front costs, and additional charges for added features. However, HostOtter has gone above and beyond to provide its clients with quality hosting capabilities at prices that remain more affordable than the competition.